James Robinson – Grand Passion | Review

grandpassion01-cov-a-cassaday-600x900Grand Passion by James Robinson is an action, romance graphic novel following the love-at-the-first-sight of Mabel and Mac. They were polar opposites at the beginning of the graphic novel – he a well-behaved cop and she a half of a thieving duet.

I was not impressed with this graphic novel. I find it quite shallow and not well performed. The illustrations are average at most, nothing special or breathtaking about those. The characters are quite one-sided and not at all branched out. We know nothing about the main characters besides their undying love for one another before they even meet each other and how tough they both are. Yuck. I want to know what drives them, what they think about in the shower when the most bizarre thoughts hit them. I want to know what made them as tough as they claim to be and what could break their facades.

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Peter Milligan – Britannia (#1 – #4) | Review

britannia_001_cover-a_nordBritannia is an astonishing graphic novel written by one of the most famous comic masterminds Peter Milligan (the author of X- Men, Justice League, Hellblazer, Red Lanterns, X-Statix and many more) in collaboration with a jaw-dropping artist Juan José Ryp (Clone, The Multiversity,…).

Britannia follows the story of a Roman war hero Antonius Axia, who has been trained by the Vestal Virgins to see beyond the obvious. As he travels to Britannia to investigate the unexplained occurrences at the battlefront he faces and old enemy and some new ones.Read More »

Brian K. Vaughan, Saga (#1 – 5) | Review

Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples.

Saga is a compelling graphic novel about a world where there is an eternal war between people of one planet and the people of its moon. We follow a story of Alana and Marko, who ought to have been enemies because of their races, but were pulled together by love. Together they have a daughter, Hazel, whom they will always fight to keep safe.

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