Carbon – Seeking the Truth (Through Lya’s Eyes, Vol.1) | Review

Seeking the Truth is the first volume of a graphic novel Through Lya’s Eyes. The graphic novel was created by Carbon in collaboration with an illustrator Justine Cunha. The plot of the novel revolves around a young girl Lya who after she suffered a terrible car accident is keen on finding the man who is responsible.

I would categorize this graphic novel somewhere between middle grade and young adult since it deals with a touchy subject but in a way very close to a younger reader. What drives the main character Lya is revenge, but the way it is portrayed is simplified and not so dark. Furthermore, one more thing I would give as an example of why it is middle grade is the speed at which friendship between Lya and her coworker was created.

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Ryan North – Midas | Review

42201529Midas is a graphic novel written by Ryan North. The illustrations were done by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. The plot of this graphic novel revolves around a small group of space explorers who come to Earth to find the reason it has turned to gold centuries ago. They find the corpse of King Midas and there starts their exploration of how he turned Earth to gold. They fight those who want to abuse the power of King Midas and in the end, there comes to the re-creation of the universe and life in it.

I found the dialogues in this graphic novel were very poorly written. They were quite childish, simple and unrealistic. The graphic novel is meant to be a middle-grade and yet I have stumbled upon so many things that in my opinion are not on a middle-grade reading level. (Possible spoiler in the next sentence.) I sincerely doubt that a child reading this graphic novel would, for example, understand what the subatomic level is and why perhaps it could or could not turn to gold.

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