Daniel Newwyn – The Colour of Your Voice | Review


The Colour of Your Voice by Daniel Newwyn is a story that took me by surprise. The beauty of the writing is what dragged me into it.

Violet knelt down to the ground as the sounds of Turner grew quieter and quieter. She clenched the painting in her hand, her hiccups mixed in tears, bitter. The ground beneath her drenched into a puddle.

The sky changed colour. The colour of the earth was as dark as his voice.

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Peter Handke – Don Juan: His Own Version | Review

7267353Don Juan: His Own Version is a novella by Peter Handke. I stumbled upon a copy of this book fairly recently and got very excited about it since it was then recommended to me as a beautifully written novella filled with everything I love: mystery, sensuality and a fascinating protagonist.

Don Juan ovitak.inddThere isn’t much I can say about this book. I feel unchanged by it. I expected so much more. The pace was quick, there was no time to connect to the narrator or to Don Juan, which I wanted.
There was none of that magic that I believe comes with Don Juan’s persona. The writing style was lovely, but not enough to keep my focus. I found myself to wander in my thoughts multiple times.
I cannot say I did not enjoy this little novella – it is simply that I did not enjoy it as much I hoped i would. I did not get that feeling of deep fascination I usually get from characters such as Don Juan.

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