Susana Fortes – Quattrocento | Review

167956164Where do I even start?
With a disclaimer, I guess. Since this book hasn’t yet been translated in English all the quotations are my translations of the book. So they might not be the best, but I tried my best to give you the ambiance and the point the author tried to send.

Quattrocento by Susana Fortes is a partly historical, partly fiction novel in which we follow an art graduate Ana Sotomayor who is writing her dissertation on the topic of a renaissance painter Pierpaolo Masoni and the Pazzi conspiracy in which they tried to assassinate the Medici family. Also, we follow through the second storyline the painter Pierpaolo Masoni and his apprentice Luca as they get intertwined in the conspiracy.

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Hannah Mary Rothschild – The Improbability of Love | Review

large_improbability_of_loveThe Improbability of Love is an amazing mix of fiction, art, history, the life of a person intertwined in all of those with a splash of intrigue added to it. The author Hannah Mary Rothschild does an amazing job with this novel, particularly with characters. The characters are “real”, they have stories which shaped them to be who they are, their motives for their actions are logical and you cannot help yourself but feel for them.

The writing itself wasn’t amazing, the dialogue was a bit unrealistic and the author used a bit too many adjectives to describe minuscule things. However, this did not endanger my reading experience at all. I simply noticed it.

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Gareth Hinds – The Iliad | Review

40910448This is a retelling of The Iliad in form of a graphic novel. The author Gareth Hinds brings us once again to one of the most famous battles of all time. There is no need for me to summarise this graphic novel since the story is so well-known and well-loved.

I immensely enjoyed the maps and the charts. They were very helpful in bringing the story closer to me. Also, the chart with all the characters at the beginning was incredible, it made it easy to visualize everything. I love how it was similar to a list of characters in a play!

The art was quite lovely. I really enjoyed it, above all else because it was so different from the other graphic novels I’ve read in the past. My only complaint is that it appeared a bit grainy, but that must have been a problem with my e-arc.

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Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo | Review

7883995-lThe Count of Monte Cristo is a marvelous novel written by Alexandre Dumas Pere. It was published in parts in 1845-1846 in the french newspaper called Journal des débats. I can, without doubt, say that this was one of the most beautiful (reading) experiences I’ve had since, well forever. I cannot repeat it enough how deeply I fell in love with Edmond Dantes and Sinbad the Sailor and the Count of Monte Cristo. I love all the beautiful versions and aliases Edmond came in. I love love love Edmond.

The story follows the young and in love Edmond Dantes who by “accident” which is actually a big and evil plan made by his “friends” ends up locked up and traumatized. He plots revenge and eventually by the turn of events he gets it.
Many people believe that this is a story about revenge and I cannot contradict it, but what I can say is that it is not only that. This is a story about love, betrayal, friendship and most importantly, this is a story about pain. This is the story about pain.

“How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.”

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The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller | Review


The Song of Achilles is a marvelous novel written by Madeline Miller. The story follows the life of Patroclus since he was a child to the deeply tragic events during the Trojan War. We meet Patroclus as a child on his father’s court where he is an outsider and an outcast. His life there is brief and he soon goes away to a land ruled by Achilles’ father. Soon after meeting, they become inseparable.

There are no right words to describe my feelings for this book. My heart is at the same time broken in thousands of pieces and fully whole but missing. I haven’t been this touched and in love with a book in a very, very long time (two years and seven months to be exact when I read The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George).

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Ivo Andrić – The Damned Yard | Review

71fs06pn4ql-_sx310_bo1204203200_The Damned Yard, or Prokleta Avlija originally is a short book by Ivo Andrić, the literature Nobelist. I definitely wasn’t very excited when I saw this book on my school reading list. I never quite liked the concept of Andrić and found his work dull.

Needless to say, I was surprised when I really liked this short book. It was very gripping and filled with the most interesting stories of ordinary and nothing but ordinary people. I almost screamed when I stumbled upon one of my all-time favorite topics – The Borgias. The writing was exquisite and luxurious. I couldn’t stop reading and ended up finishing the book in less than 30 minutes.

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Peter Milligan – Britannia (#1 – #4) | Review

britannia_001_cover-a_nordBritannia is an astonishing graphic novel written by one of the most famous comic masterminds Peter Milligan (the author of X- Men, Justice League, Hellblazer, Red Lanterns, X-Statix and many more) in collaboration with a jaw-dropping artist Juan José Ryp (Clone, The Multiversity,…).

Britannia follows the story of a Roman war hero Antonius Axia, who has been trained by the Vestal Virgins to see beyond the obvious. As he travels to Britannia to investigate the unexplained occurrences at the battlefront he faces and old enemy and some new ones.Read More »

Jessie Burton – The Miniaturist | Review


The Miniaturist is a compelling story of a young girl named Petronella, or shorter Nella who finds herself married to the richest merchant in a 17th century Amsterdam. We follow her from the moment she comes through the door of her new home as a stranger to the moment when we without realizing find ourselves reading about a girl nothing like the one from the beginning of the book, a strong woman who fought for her wishes and desires.

I really enjoyed this story, I never before had a chance to read of a historical novel set in Amsterdam so I really enjoyed finding out some new information of that time and the way things were.

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