1. I am currently accepting new book review requests, however, I don’t have much time so I will be very picky. That being said, don’t be insulted if I do refuse. I will try to respond to your email as quickly as possible, but if I don’t respond please assume that I am respectfully declining your request.
  2. Even though I read almost every genre, I can guarantee I will not be reviewing self-help books!
  3. I do prefer printed books (paperbacks, hardbacks), but I am aware that not everyone can afford to send me one. So, I will be accepting e-books (I prefer pdf, but we can talk about that later).
  4. I will try to read and review your book as quickly as possible, but I can’t guarantee it will be done in a week. I will certainly do it in a month – if not, if for some reason I cannot do it that fast I will notify you. Also, if I chose not to review your book for some reason, I will notify you.
  5. Accepting a request does not guarantee a review.
  6. The review will be posted both on my blog and on Goodreads.
  7. If it happens that I dnf your book, I don’t know if I will be posting a lengthy review of it. Maybe I will simply write a short comment, however, it then won’t be posted on my blog, but only on Goodreads.
  8. Please, please, pretty please, don’t be annoying. Don’t send me more than one email, because then I will not answer you. And certainly, don’t be rude.
  9. The review will contain my honest opinions and critique.

I don’t require payment for the review I’m providing. However, I would be grateful if you considered giving a small donation! Thank you!