22 Books You Must Read!

Since today is my 22nd birthday, it’s only fitting for me to list 22 books that have shaped me as a person.

Some books are, in my opinion, world-shifting. Let me explain… I think that by reading you don’t expand just your vocabulary, knowledge, creativity, etc. You expand your mind. The book you’re reading changes the way you perceive the world. And, if the book is extraordinary, you might end up being extraordinarily transformed.

Try to think of a book that did that for you? Is there one? Or perhaps more than one? These are some of the books that have impacted me in the last 22 years!

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Spice up your life with these great books during this terrifying pandemic!

Hello everyone! After having some time to think, I’ve decided to address the fucked up (excuse my French) situation we are currently living in. You may have noticed the whole world is contained in their houses, so it is natural people will seek entertainment on the most popular travel destination available at the moment – the internet.
However, I think this is am incredible opportunity to indulge in a little reading! There are whole worlds waiting to be discovered and you have so much time to be Indiana Jones in this adventure! If not only to be entertained, you could also find a bit of peace by reading about a world not as dark as our own is at the moment…

All that being said, I’ve decided to give you a few recommendations on what to read. I will separate the recommendations into genres. However, I won’t give you any information about what the books themselves are about… I think it is best you simply give yourselves in and explore. (I’ll link my review if I’ve written one, so if you are curious you can read it.)

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Is Leigh Bardugo’s King of Scars also moi tsar?

And so it ends… I have officially read all the novels within Grishaverse. And I dare to say that it has been one the most amazing journeys I’ve taken.

So much has happened! Let’s recap. A month ago I decided to start reading YA fantasy again and chose Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse as my first read. A great decision.
It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the brilliant stories of the all these characters. First I read Shadow and Bone trilogy which consists of Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising. Then, I picked up Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.
And now we’re here. At the end of the road. What an adventure! Such beauty, such heartbreak.

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo is the first book in a duology. It follows the story of the young king Nikolai Lantsov as he battles old and new enemies, but also Nina Zenik who has left for Fjerda to say goodbye to the love of her life and fulfill her last promise to him.

Lesser animals whined and struggled when they’d been caught in a snare. The fox found a way out.

It took me a century to read this book. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I did. I enjoyed it so much. All these characters have crawled into my heart and it felt so scary to feel them slip away. So I read slowly, painfully slowly. I savored every word.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello, my darlings!

I’ve just made a new book blooger friend Julie @ OneBookMore! And she has kindly added me to her list of tagged bloggers.
I love Julie’s work, so I urge you to check her blog out as well!


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Conyer Clayton – We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite | Review

49084818In her debut poetry collection, Conyer Clayton sheds her skin to reveal true vulnerability. We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite is the title the author gave a collection of deeply personal poems which speak of life struggles.

The themes of sex, addiction, and emotions are discussed in a way I would describe as tragicomic. As much as the language used is rich, there is also this ambience of contemporary struggle of a young person in the twenty-first century. Because of this, the message is much more relatable and it creates a friendship-like relationship between the author and the reading. I would further explain this relationship as a friendly conversation in which the author tells you what had happened to them.

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F. Stephen Foster – A Ghost Refused: Kendra’s Denial | Review

51479276._sy475_A Ghost Refused: Kendra’s Denial by F. Stephen Foster is an interesting book, to say the least. My experience reading it was mostly uncomfortable. Let me explain…

The story follows Kendra. She had lost her husband to suicide a few years ago and is left with a lot of grief. In the first chapter, she tries to rescue a man committing suicide and fails. This completely changes her life as she is thrown in a world unfamiliar to her.

This is the best way to explain my experience of reading this book. I felt as if someone just told me they loved me and I couldn’t find the words to respond because I realized I didn’t feel the same way about them. Since page one this book is very dramatic and emotional. The main character is introspective and the first 25 pages are spent on her reliving the event that took place on the first page. It felt so stretched out and I simply couldn’t connect with her. The story is filled with emotions such as grief and pain and as much as the author did a great job explaining and showing them, it only made me anxious. I was anxious when I was reading this book and that made me consider putting it down.

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Vidhi Mohan – Chasing Love | Review

53330751._sy475_Chasing Love by Vidhi Mohan is a story of empowerment and love. The main character Rebel is a woman is a streak of bad relationships. As much as she talks about bad luck in love, the truth is she simply doesn’t value herself. We follow her story as she jumps once again into an unhealthy relationship. The value of this story, in my opinion, lies in the fact that Rebel manages to break her pattern and improves herself.

Well, this all sounds fun and dandy, but let me assure you, my critical mind won’t let you down. I have four, let me repeat, four pages of notes on this novel. Some are good, some bad…

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The enchanting world of Evelyn Hugo

51vfrzslyilYou know that book you keep seeing everywhere? Everyone seems to have read it? Everyone constantly talks about how good it is? And you haven’t read it?

That was Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo to me. At first, I simply didn’t have time to read it, then I could find a copy anywhere… in the end I became very intimidated by it. I avoided reading it for such a long time because I was afraid I would be disappointed with it. As I started reading, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love. I was hooked on the third page. It actually took me by surprise.

If you’re completely out of the loop like I was, then let me tell you a little about this book.
The story follows a journalist named Monique who is hired to interview a movie star Evelyn Hugo. Evelyn is one of the most beautiful women ever, she is a big old Hollywood star and she is simply captivating. She is also, in her own words, awful.

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