William A.E. Ford – Timothy Mean and the Time Machine | Review

43617901Timothy Mean and the Time Machine is a picture book written by William A.E. Ford. It was illustrated by Marcelo Simonetti. This picture book follows a boy named Timothy Mean as he builds a time machine and uses it to travel through time.

The fact that almost everything rhymed was enjoyable, but on a few places it appeared forced and a bit confusing – especially for a child. The illustrations were not my cup of tea. They were quite dark and almost naturalistic. The lines were harsh and the colors were dim.

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Nicole Hoang – What Is It? | Review

whatisit_coverWhat Is It? is a beautiful children’s picture book created by Nicole Hoang and Dustin Nguyen. It is marketed towards children 3 years old and up.

What Is It? follow a young girl who as she plays in the nearby forest comes across a mysterious little creature that had a little tail and huge ears shaped like shells, it also had a face like a cow. When the little girl first sees the pink creature she is scared and tries to run away from it, but it follows her. She can’t get away, so she starts thinking about what it might be since she has never seen anything like it before. The creature is obviously wondering the same thing: Who is she? What is she?

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Gina LoBiondo Books | Review

  • Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale

Pegasus A Dragon’s Tale is a sweet, quite lovely tale of a brother and sister bear who comes upon a dragon egg. The author, Gina LoBiondo, explains how the dragon influenced their lives and she does it in a quite simple way.

I was sent this book by the author, Gina LoBiondo herself, for review – so here it is.

It was a quite nice and pleasant read. I believe children will love it!

I read the book with my younger sister, aged four, and she loved the adventures of the cute little bears and their pet dragon.

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