Jacqueline Terrill – The Hunt | Review

52023991._sx318_sy475_The Hunt by Jacqueline Terrill is a gripping piece of fiction. This action-packed story follows Rachel from the moment her life starts rapidly falling apart. Her husband has changed and seems to have many secrets. After a brief fight, Rachel and her husband Seth part ways. While Rachel believes the separation would be brief, Seth has other plans. In a sequence of unfortunate events, Rachel’s life is turned upside down. She is constantly in danger and is forced to toughen up and stand up for herself. This experience reconnects her with an estranged friend.

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Let’s talk shit about Stephen King’s It

I’ve decided to try a bit of a different approach to this book. It won’t be a book review in a traditional sense, but more of an essay. I will cover some of the main controversy of this book and share my own opinions on it. 220px-it_coverAlso, I will try to research/explain why this book had such an impact. All of this might end up being total bullshit, however, I am pretty excited to try out this new approach to book analysis. If all you’ve read interests you, continue reading… (Since this is my first time writing in this format, your opinions, comments, and heated emotions are most welcome.)

It by Stephen King is one of the most iconic books of the horror genre. This book was first published in 1986 and has since been republished many times. The most recent republication was in 2019, and it accompanied the release of It Chapter Two movie.

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Rebecca James – Beautiful Malice | Review

7979738Beautiful Malice is a young adult thriller written by Rebecca James. It revolves around the protagonist, a seventeen-year-old Katherine Patterson who is running away from her past. She moves to another city and changes her name, just to live her most painful memory behind. And then, a new person enters her universe – a beautiful, smart and outgoing Alice.

I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read, the plot was developing quickly and there wasn’t a moment I felt bored or uninterested. However, I cannot say that this book changed my life or that I will recommend it to all my friends. It simply wasn’t that good. The plot twists were well done yet I felt little as I read them. I enjoyed almost all of the characters and I disliked Alice with a passion from the moment she was introduced. The characters weren’t immensely complex, but they were multidimensional and most of them had depth. Furthermore, I found the insta-love and insta-friendship unconvincing, but somehow it didn’t bother me very much.

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Mary Kubica – The Good Girl | Review

51p3outsh8lThe Good Girl is a mystery, thriller novel written by Mary Kubica, a young author. This is her first book, published in 2014. It was quickly followed by Pretty Baby, her second book, published the next year – 2015.

This book is written from four points of view, and sectioned into two time periods, before and after the abduction. All this makes the plot all the more complex and at first, I did not know how to appreciate the way this book was put together, but now, as I have finished it I understand how plot twists were artfully fit in the book. Even though I think the plotlines were amazing and really well-though-out I found them quite predictable. Also, I think some of the plot twists must have been added in the end, only to make the book even more enigmatic, but because of that were not exercised were good.

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Steven Penny – End of the Line | Review

End of the Line by Steven Penny is a gripping short story. With some elements of thriller and horror we are introduced to a little girl called Maeve. She is a child33795159 of divorced parents, Caroline McCandless and Dave O’Grady, who are both quite troubled in their own ways. Caroline is a workaholic, while Dave spends most of his free time with several women. But those are just arguments they have against each other while arguing about something far more important – their daughter Maeve.

As time passes Maeve becomes more and more distant from them both as she feels she is the sole reason her parents are fighting. This only makes the problem worse and worse, until it all comes to a horribly spectacular finish which is quite literally felt, not read.

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Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train | Review

This was a great read!

First 100 pages I was a bit confused, I tried hard to connect the missing pieces, but they just wouldn’t come together. That intrigued me very much since there aren’t many books these days that leave me wondering.
As the novel progressed and I started developing various theories about characters and the murder itself I realized how much I enjoyed reading this novel.

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