Spice up your life with these great books during the pandemic!

Hello everyone! After having some time to think, I’ve decided to address the fucked up (excuse my French) situation we are currently living in. You may have noticed the whole world is contained in their houses, so it is natural people will seek entertainment on the most popular travel destination available at the moment – the internet.
However, I think this is am incredible opportunity to indulge in a little reading! There are whole worlds waiting to be discovered and you have so much time to be Indiana Jones in this adventure! If not only to be entertained, you could also find a bit of peace by reading about a world not as dark as our own is at the moment…

All that being said, I’ve decided to give you a few recommendations on what to read. I will separate the recommendations into genres. However, I won’t give you any information about what the books themselves are about… I think it is best you simply give yourselves in and explore. (I’ll link my review if I’ve written one, so if you are curious you can read it.)

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