Linda Hope Lee – Murder Between the Pages | Review

43268284Murder Between the Pages is a novel written by Linda Hope Lee. It is a mystery revolving around Nina Foster, a librarian in a small town. Nina Foster’s best friend has been murdered and Nina finds herself investigating the murder. In the process, she uncovers many intrigues and secrets about people close to her, but she also stumbles upon a man who intrigues her as much as all those secrets.
In this fast-paced novel, you are faced with many characters whose problems and personalities are very much real.

This book is more than anything else an easy read. The fast pace of the plot is, in my opinion, one of the best aspects of this book. The characters are a bit two-dimensional, there is not a lot of depth to them. This isn’t something that makes the book enjoyable, however. I cannot say that I didn’t have a good time reading this book since that would be a blatant lie! I liked the adventures of Nina Foster very much. I liked coming up with theories to who the killer was and most of all I enjoyed the fact that they were all at the end proven wrong.

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Agatha Christie – At Bertram’s Hotel | Review

16333At Bertram’s Hotel by the greatest crime novelist, Agatha Christie, is a novel about a mysterious old-fashioned hotel in London. Many strange things happen in Hotel Bertram, but in the end, you discover that you simply could not anticipate how strange they really were. The thing that causes the discovery of Bertram’s secrets is the disappearance of an old forgetful priest Pennyfather.

I think that I liked the story much more before I even read the book. It was so much better when I could discover the secrets of the Hotel Bertram in my mind.
This story had so much more potential than it fulfilled. The writing was quite simplistic and I really do not think it was special.

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