Agatha Christie – At Bertram’s Hotel | Review

16333At Bertram’s Hotel by the greatest crime novelist, Agatha Christie, is a novel about a mysterious old-fashioned hotel in London. Many strange things happen in Hotel Bertram, but in the end, you discover that you simply could not anticipate how strange they really were. The thing that causes the discovery of Bertram’s secrets is the disappearance of an old forgetful priest Pennyfather.

I think that I liked the story much more before I even read the book. It was so much better when I could discover the secrets of the Hotel Bertram in my mind.
This story had so much more potential than it fulfilled. The writing was quite simplistic and I really do not think it was special.

Now I must mention how much I loved the wild car racing champion Ladislaus Malinowski. He is, without doubt, my favorite character, even though we really do not know anything about him. But the little we know I adore.
This is my first Agatha Christie novel and I must say I am not keen on coming back soon. I am quite disappointed.
Now my excitement for And Then There Were None is slowly evaporating since I do not want to spoil my love for it due to the TV mini-series starring Aidan Turner.

This is my third book for the Booktube-a-thon.


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