MSJ – Depersonalise | Review

The name of this poetry collection is DepersonaliseMSJ, the author, could not have picked a more fitting name, in my opinion. 
What I first thought was a sign of amateur writing that lacked flavour, is, in fact, an ingenious way of communicating depersonalization to the reader. The poems seem as if they are out of reach as you read them. They are stuffed with raw emotion, but just as you near the last word, you realize there is no climax. When there is expected a satisfying high, all the reader gets is the fading of the emotion. 

As I was reading these poems, I found myself anxious and contemplative. 
That is the true beauty of writing such as this one. The emotion and the force of it hits you unexpectedly and then you are left hollow when the words fade.

“You were a drug,

I was addicted

Not only to your words

But to your silence.”

One more that makes this poetry collection unique is the artwork. MSJ had worked with thirteen young artists from all over the world. What art brings to the table, is a visual stimulus. Not only are the art pieces themselves fitting to the theme, but the colour pallet of only black and white fits it as well.

I certainly recommend this poetry collection. It is a brief journey, but a unique one.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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