William A.E. Ford – Timothy Mean and the Time Machine | Review

43617901Timothy Mean and the Time Machine is a picture book written by William A.E. Ford. It was illustrated by Marcelo Simonetti. This picture book follows a boy named Timothy Mean as he builds a time machine and uses it to travel through time.

The fact that almost everything rhymed was enjoyable, but on a few places it appeared forced and a bit confusing – especially for a child. The illustrations were not my cup of tea. They were quite dark and almost naturalistic. The lines were harsh and the colors were dim.

d3tlsbauwai9ftqOn his travels Timothy Mean only proved he was worthy of his name – he was mean. He always found a way to prank or simply put someone in an uncomfortable position. Mostly I found his actions unnecessary. He wasn’t fun – he was a spoiled brat. I can’t see how that could have a didactic function.

Well, to conclude I can’t say I enjoyed reading this picture book, nor did my little sister. I can see why someone would enjoy it, but I simply am not that person.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


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