Peter Milligan – Britannia (#1 – #4) | Review

britannia_001_cover-a_nordBritannia is an astonishing graphic novel written by one of the most famous comic masterminds Peter Milligan (the author of X- Men, Justice League, Hellblazer, Red Lanterns, X-Statix and many more) in collaboration with a jaw-dropping artist Juan José Ryp (Clone, The Multiversity,…).

Britannia follows the story of a Roman war hero Antonius Axia, who has been trained by the Vestal Virgins to see beyond the obvious. As he travels to Britannia to investigate the unexplained occurrences at the battlefront he faces and old enemy and some new ones.819w4itgg1l-__bg0000_fmpng_ac_ul320_sr208320_

I truly, completely and utterly enjoyed this graphic novel! It had everything I like in a graphic novel: witty and multidimensional characters, a well-branched out plot, a somewhat believable villain(s), and amazing art.
I really like the fact that at the end of every issue there was a text describing the historical figures or organizations, which were very informational and could provide a better insight into the interaction of the characters.
I find the main character was really amazing, which britannia_003_second-print_cover_nordsurprised me because I mostly think the main characters are annoying or simply boring and plain. Antonius was intelligent and courageous, he was troubled by his past and that was shown quite truthfully through his actions and the way he interacted with other characters.

In conclusion, I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone who enjoys historical and mystery graphic novels, but also to anyone else who is a the moment getting into them.


I received this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.

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