Natasha Alterici – Heathen (Heathen #1 – #4) | Review

27384387Heathen by Natasha Alterici is a graphic novel dealing with a viking world overlapped with a fantasy plotline surrounding the nordic gods such as Odin and Freya, but also the mighty Valkyries. It deals heavily with LGBT and feminist problems and the whole graphic novel is in my opinion a metaphor for the closeted people who suffer for and because of it.

It was a quite enjoyable read, the illustrations were phenomenal and the characters distinctly different from one another. The dialogue was in my opinion a bit forced and I really could not feel any connection to the characters because of it.
My favorite character is certainly Freya, the goddess of love and the leader of the Valkyries. I find her very enchanting as she should be and very interesting.


Even though I know it was the most important message of the graphic novel, I was quite annoyed with the forcing of the LGBT thematic. Not the love scenes, but the dialogue following it. And I say this as a member of the LGBT community.

Anyhow, I am quite excited to read more about Aydis, since we know so little about her. And of course read some more about Freya!

Since I have read all the four volumes of the Heathen I have now completed the Booktube-a-thon challenge for the year 2017. I might read one or two more books today, but we will see, I guess.
Happy reading, hope you all are achieving your goals for the Booktube-a-thon as well!


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