Robert Seatter – The Book of Snow | Review

The Book of snow is a collection of poetry by Robert Seatter. It is his fourth poetry collection. The previous ones are Travelling to the Fish Orchards, On the Beach with Chet Baker, and Writing King Kong.51kla6g4ael-_sx258_bo1204203200_

The Book of Snow consists of thirty-eight poems about snow, variating from the grey, grim snow to the pure and beautiful kind.

Robert Seatter explains his relationship through the description of snow, leading us through all the stages of it by explaining all kinds of snow. All the poems are written and sound quite differently because of the feeling that is the main motif in it.

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Vanita Oelschlager – Ivy in Bloom | Review

511pn9dd79l-_sx384_bo1204203200_When wandering through NetGalley I stumbled upon a quite cute looking little book. Upon getting it I was immediately keen on reading it. As I put aside the book I was previously reading and opened Ivy in Bloom, I entered into an another world. I immensely enjoy poetry, but my preferences are very narrow, I am very hard to please. So to honest I did not think I would love or even like Ivy in Bloom.

I was wrong.

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