Don DeLillo – The Body Artist | Review

329231The Body Artist is a book written by Don DeLillo. It is sometimes referred to as a novel and sometimes as a novella. I don’t really see the need to classify it as one of those (or to classify it at all for that matter), but you can leave in the comments your arguments and opinions.
This is a story of a young woman whose husband has committed suicide. She was her third wife and much younger than him. We follow in her footprints as she deals with death and loneliness.

This was, in my opinion, a quite peculiar book. It was narrated in two perspectives, from the second and the third person. The use of storytelling from the second person was rare, but it was there for a few times on the very beginnings of chapters. I didn’t fully understand the point of it, but I guess I will have to reread the book to catch some of the details. (Feel free to tell me your opinions below.)

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Joseph Conrad – Heart of Darkness | Review

9780143106586_p0_v2_s550x406Heart of Darkness is a novel written by Joseph Conrad. It was first published in 1899. The storyline follows the protagonist Charles Marlow who is in fact also the narrator. He tells his life story and things that happened while his time in Congo.

I immensely dislike this book. I had such a hard time reading it and I a few times considered putting it down. I fell sorry I didn’t do it.

This book is indeed very short in pages, but the story itself is years long. It is very boring a repetitive. The descriptions are long and uninteresting, also, the narration is quite unpleasant.

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Mary Kubica – The Good Girl | Review

51p3outsh8lThe Good Girl is a mystery, thriller novel written by Mary Kubica, a young author. This is her first book, published in 2014. It was quickly followed by Pretty Baby, her second book, published the next year – 2015.

This book is written from four points of view, and sectioned into two time periods, before and after the abduction. All this makes the plot all the more complex and at first, I did not know how to appreciate the way this book was put together, but now, as I have finished it I understand how plot twists were artfully fit in the book. Even though I think the plotlines were amazing and really well-though-out I found them quite predictable. Also, I think some of the plot twists must have been added in the end, only to make the book even more enigmatic, but because of that were not exercised were good.

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Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist | Review


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an amazing novel which deals with personality growth and finding your path in life. The main character is a young man whose name – Santiago we find out in the epilogue. But the fact that throughout the novel we do not know his name only shown how little importance it carries. We accompany the young man as he searches for his treasure and doing that travels the old world.

He comes upon many interesting people who shape his and teach him the knowledge they do and do not know they carry.

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Robin Sloan – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore | Review

811wt2-ud8lMr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is a gripping mystery written by Robin Sloan. The main character Clay Jannon finds himself unemployed and through a sequence of events, almost as if the universe itself wanted it so, he finds a job in a mysterious bookshop owned by an intriguing old man named Ajax Penumbra. We then follow Clay as he discovers secrets of the bookshop and some buried much deeper than books under a veil of dust.


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Nina George – The Little Paris Bookshop | Review

paris-book-shop-voverAh, merde!

I did not read this book. I felt it. I felt every bit of it. It made me experience every word I read in a way that left me breathless.

At first, I was amazed by the cuteness and sweetness of the book. It seemed so simple, but not shallow. As I read more I became more and more involved with the characters and their unique stories and personalities. It was so overwhelming feeling so much – I had tears in my eyes for almost half of the book. I felt like crying when something sad happened, but also when something happy or nice happened. I couldn’t control myself.

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