Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master and Margarita | Review


The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is a book I will most definitely remember. But I will not remember it for its influence over me or how good it was. It was simply bizarre, and I believe that is the reason it is so well-known and perhaps even why it is often listed as a must-read book.

The Master and Margarita follows a complex story surrounding many characters who end up connected in the most unexpected ways. It is not always believable and it mostly felt quite pushed and unnatural.
I felt many scenes were very fast paced and therefore unfinished. I truly wanted to know more about the characters, but they just were not introduced. We got to know just some of the most basic or even trivial facts about the main characters and nothing else. Also, I found the book quite repetitive. It was quite rushed, and I almost felt as if the epilogue was unnecessary.

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Jacklyn A. Lo – Redemption | Review


Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo is an amazing story of a woman named Ann. Ann at the beginning of her story is a true skeptic about anything and everything spiritual and non-materialistic, but when she starts having nightmares that leave her sleepless she agrees to visit a psychic with her best friend Nina, mainly out of curiosity. After the first visit to the psychic, she remembers one of her past lives. With the help of an AI companion named Rob, she starts to research spiritual topics and God. What she finds out makes her question her current life decisions and in the end through discovering her other past lives causes the end of her Redemption through the series of events, including meeting the man of her life.

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G.S. Scott – Sorrow’s Heart | Review

indie2bauthor2bnews2b-2bg2bs2bscott2b-2bsorrow2527s2bheart2b-2bnrSorrow’s Heart tells a story of a Girl imprisoned by a priest of the god of Chaos. It explains her transformation from a harmless child who hated everything, but her Mother the most, to an almost grown woman who escapes her imprisoners and becomes more powerful.

I was sent this book by the author, G.S. Scott himself, for review – so here it is.

I didn’t quite like the book. Almost nothing was explained and it felt as is it was ripped out of an another story. Some things that were explained were explained quite badly, and mostly did not make sense. I did not connect with the characters at all.

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Jean Dufaux – Djinn (#1 – #10) | Review


Djinn is an amazing graphic novel! I can comfortably say that it is the best one I have ever read, and I can only hope to read a better one in the future.

  • Volume 1 to 4

I never read anything this amazing! I don’t even know what impressed me so much, but I loved it so much that I even reread some parts after reading the whole thing!

I liked Jade, she was so powerful, so amazing and breathtaking. And when Kim started getting her characteristics, I liked this masterpiece even more! I loved her transformation since it was just very well done – it didn’t seem forced even one bit.

I don’t even have anything else to say, I won’t even get into the details of the story. I’ll leave that for you to discover. Everyone should read this!

  • Volume 5 to 10

When I finally put my hands on these volumes of the graphic novel I couldn’t control my excitement, I had to read them immediately!
As expected, I was amazed. I couldn’t stop reading until I got to the end of the book and closed it, completely blown away once more with the story that just kept getting better and better.

Kim continued her transformation into jade and I loved it. She was becoming powerful, even more, powerful than Jade. I loved that. I have always loved powerful, ambitious characters who fought for what they truly wanted. And Kim was just that – the perfect character.


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