Selling Your Soul 101 (or Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe)

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe is a surprisingly easy-to-read Elizabethan play. 51nok2bh0uylThe protagonist (or perhaps he is an antagonist) is Doctor Faustus himself. He is an incredibly vain and arrogant man in search of knowledge. However, his desire to be knowledgeable is insatiable and quickly he wishes to be equal to God. This is beautifully expressed in the prologue when he is compared to Ikarus: „His waxen wings did mount above his reach, / And melting heavens conspired his overthrow.“ Faustus then starts dabbling in magic and conjuring, but his goal is still something much more. He decides to sell his soul to the Devil. As he speaks an utterly and unnecessarily melodramatic incantation, Mephistopheles appears. This is the moment in which I lost my shit. Why? You may ask.

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Let’s talk shit about Stephen King’s It

I’ve decided to try a bit of a different approach to this book. It won’t be a book review in a traditional sense, but more of an essay. I will cover some of the main controversy of this book and share my own opinions on it. 220px-it_coverAlso, I will try to research/explain why this book had such an impact. All of this might end up being total bullshit, however, I am pretty excited to try out this new approach to book analysis. If all you’ve read interests you, continue reading… (Since this is my first time writing in this format, your opinions, comments, and heated emotions are most welcome.)

It by Stephen King is one of the most iconic books of the horror genre. This book was first published in 1986 and has since been republished many times. The most recent republication was in 2019, and it accompanied the release of It Chapter Two movie.

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A few words about The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien


As the year 2019 came to pass I spent the last few days watching the extended editions (duh..) of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (I know, controversial – however I do enjoy them a bit). As always I then fell headfirst into my obsessive episode of swallowing every Middle-earth content I come upon. And so, realizing I have a bit of free time, I decided to reread The Lord of the Rings. But, I wouldn’t be myself if I did only that. Therefore, I first reread The Hobbit. Having finished The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday I am here now to tell you all about it.

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Patrick Ness – A Monster Calls | Review

amcA Monster Calls is a beautiful, heart-breaking story about a boy whose mother is seriously ill. Patrick Ness leads us through the last few weeks of life that his mother shares with Conor. He has a really hard time dealing with the unavoidable future. So then, one night, after waking up from a terrible nightmare that has been haunting him for quite some time, he hears a strange noise in his room. And so begins an interesting friendship (if you can call it that) between a boy and a monstrous tree.

I deeply enjoyed this book. At first, I didn’t think it would affect me at all, but as the end started getting near I found myself with teary eyes. I am quite affected by this story!

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Alexandra Turney – In Exile | Review

43216795In her first novel In Exile the author Alexandra Turney throws you into the Eternal city. The city itself is completely overlooked, which I actually rather enjoyed. However, it find the fact that the story seems so timeless quite symbolic because of its setting. The book itself is divided into three parts which are separated very logically. Each of the parts represents the emotions that mainly the protagonist Grace, but also her friends Caroline and Sara are experiencing towards the god Dionysus.
On the very first page we are introduced to Dionysus who wakes up in modern Rome. He is instantly confronted with the fact that not a single soul worships him still. At the same moment, in the same city, a girl is bored to death. Her name is Grace. She is angsty, melodramatic, has questionable taste in (girl)friends and is longing for an adventure she will not forget. Little does she know that on an innocent walk she will encounter a stranger who will fill her with fear and love she has never felt before.

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The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller | Review


The Song of Achilles is a marvelous novel written by Madeline Miller. The story follows the life of Patroclus since he was a child to the deeply tragic events during the Trojan War. We meet Patroclus as a child on his father’s court where he is an outsider and an outcast. His life there is brief and he soon goes away to a land ruled by Achilles’ father. Soon after meeting, they become inseparable.

There are no right words to describe my feelings for this book. My heart is at the same time broken in thousands of pieces and fully whole but missing. I haven’t been this touched and in love with a book in a very, very long time (two years and seven months to be exact when I read The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George).

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Natasha Alterici – Heathen (Heathen #1 – #4) | Review

27384387Heathen by Natasha Alterici is a graphic novel dealing with a viking world overlapped with a fantasy plotline surrounding the nordic gods such as Odin and Freya, but also the mighty Valkyries. It deals heavily with LGBT and feminist problems and the whole graphic novel is in my opinion a metaphor for the closeted people who suffer for and because of it.

It was a quite enjoyable read, the illustrations were phenomenal and the characters distinctly different from one another. The dialogue was in my opinion a bit forced and I really could not feel any connection to the characters because of it.
My favorite character is certainly Freya, the goddess of love and the leader of the Valkyries. I find her very enchanting as she should be and very interesting.

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Kayden Claremont – Tartan Temptation | Review

mediakit_bookcover_tartantemptation-200x300Tartan Temptation is an erotic romance novel written by Kayden Claremont. It follows the main character Cora Siegfried who has after many years returned to the seaside town she used to spend her holidays to sell her father’s property after his death. She hates every aspect of being there and wants it to be resolved as soon as possible so she can return to her busy, stressful life as a financial planner in the big city. She immediately reunites with her childhood crush Brodie Murdock who is quite keen on spending time with her. There is a clear sexual tension between them but they both fight it, at least until it just becomes too much.

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Joelle Sellner – Mer | Review

Mer by Joelle Sellner is an enchanting graphic novel about Mer, people of Atumblr_inline_n3txt2jmc41sccr01tlantis. These creatures visit Land once in their lifetime in search of their soul-mate. Some find their mates in humans, some in mer.

The main character of this graphic novel is Aryn, a human girl who has just lost her mother and moves to a new town with her father and her younger sister. We follow her as she accommodates to her new life and experiences some of the most prominent events of her life.

I enjoyed Mer very much. I felt it did not lack anything, the plot was very nicely branched out and the characters were quite interesting.
The only thing that truly bugged me while reading was the dialogue – it was a bit forced and sometimes it felt a bit unnatural.

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