Kristen Callihan – Idol (VIP, #1) | Review

Idol is the first book in the VIP series written by Kristen Callihan. It is however the second book by this author I’ve read. My love for this author was born when I read the second book in this series – 29541818._sy475_ManagedThat nudged me to read all the books in the series. 

I had great expectations going into this book since Managed left me speechless and in love with Callihan’s writing. I was not let down. The humour, the wit and the emotion… How does she do it? And how does she do it so seamlessly?

Idol did not out-top Managed for me, but that is simply due to the characters. I enjoyed Sophie and Gabriel a bit more. Nevertheless, Callihan’s magical character development came through once again. Both the female protagonist Liberty and the male protagonist Killian were amazingly fleshed out and tangible. I loved the way their relationship was intense.

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Kristen Callihan – Managed (VIP, #2) | Review

What I am about to present to you is a singularly phenomenal reading experience within the romance genre. At least for me. Don’t worry, I will provide you with many argum30325011._sy475_ents for this statement.

Managed written by Kristen Callihan is a second book in the VIP series. Even though Idol, the first book, is similarly excellent, this one overshadowed it immensely for me. We follow a story of Gabriel Scott, a manager for one of the biggest rock bands in the world at the moment – Kill John, and Sophie Darling, an ex-paparazzo. Their relationship is quite unique in my opinion. Not because the trope of a damaged and guarded male protagonist and a female protagonist with a dark past. The trope is quite common within the romance genre. However, the author’s capability to create a believable plot, characters with complex emotions and dialogue I can actually imagine people having in real life excited me immensely.

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Carian Cole – Torn (All Torn Up, #1) | Review

Author’s Note: ** Please note: there is NO underage sex in this book. There is NO incest or blood relation in this book. This is NOT an MC Club story. This is NOT erotica. This is a slow burn romance. This book is intended for readers 18 years and older **


Torn by Carian Cole is a quite interesting romance novel. Some would say it is taboo and I wouldn’t disagree. The story follows a seventeen-year-old Kenzi and her much older „uncle“ Toren/Tor. Tor is her parents’ best friend and has spent almost every second with Kenzi since the moment she was born. They’ve always had a special bond which grew from a family-like relationship to friendship. However, a few months before her eighteenth birthday she looks and him one day and realizes there is an another emotion within her she’d never felt for him or anyone else before.

This book gave me a specific feeling about it which I couldn’t pinpoint for some time. But, now I can verbalize it. I feel like the book was to long. It felt like I was watching an extended version of an already long movie.

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A few words about The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien


As the year 2019 came to pass I spent the last few days watching the extended editions (duh..) of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (I know, controversial – however I do enjoy them a bit). As always I then fell headfirst into my obsessive episode of swallowing every Middle-earth content I come upon. And so, realizing I have a bit of free time, I decided to reread The Lord of the Rings. But, I wouldn’t be myself if I did only that. Therefore, I first reread The Hobbit. Having finished The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday I am here now to tell you all about it.

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Susana Fortes – Quattrocento | Review

167956164Where do I even start?
With a disclaimer, I guess. Since this book hasn’t yet been translated in English all the quotations are my translations of the book. So they might not be the best, but I tried my best to give you the ambiance and the point the author tried to send.

Quattrocento by Susana Fortes is a partly historical, partly fiction novel in which we follow an art graduate Ana Sotomayor who is writing her dissertation on the topic of a renaissance painter Pierpaolo Masoni and the Pazzi conspiracy in which they tried to assassinate the Medici family. Also, we follow through the second storyline the painter Pierpaolo Masoni and his apprentice Luca as they get intertwined in the conspiracy.

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Trista Mateer – Aphrodite Made Me Do It | Review

43819413Aphrodite Made Me Do It is a masterpiece poetry collection written by Trista Mateer. It deals with abuse, rape, the value of a woman and many other topics that are currently in the spotlight.

To sing of love

is almost always

to sing of war.

I believe these are all things that ought to be talked about and I especially appreciate the manner in which Trista Mateer talks about them. I love that she didn’t go the political route! She presented all these issues and worries in a way that didn’t present political arguments, but what it did show was a wound on her soul. And then it revealed a wound on my own soul. I felt deeply for what she wrote.

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Angie Bailey – Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Editions | Review

43821555._sx318_Angie Bailey’s Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Editions is a fantastic little book. I love the idea of a cat sending texts and communicating with its friends and family in that way. Some jokes were absolutely funny and some were a bit stretched. However, in its entirety this way incredibly cute and charming.
I can certainly see myself buying this for a friend!

There isn’t much more to say since the concept of this book is so simple, yet unique.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.



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Katie Vaz – The Escape Manual for Introverts | Review

42785086._sx318_Katie Vaz’ The Escape Manual for Introverts is a cute graphic novel which provides many ways to escape uncomfortable social situations.
It is divided into five categories:

  1. Friends
  2. Relatives
  3. Coworkers
  4. Acquaintances
  5. Strangers


The art style is very cute. I really like the palette chosen for this graphic novel – everything is pastel colored. I think it is very fitting.

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Patrick Ness – A Monster Calls | Review

amcA Monster Calls is a beautiful, heart-breaking story about a boy whose mother is seriously ill. Patrick Ness leads us through the last few weeks of life that his mother shares with Conor. He has a really hard time dealing with the unavoidable future. So then, one night, after waking up from a terrible nightmare that has been haunting him for quite some time, he hears a strange noise in his room. And so begins an interesting friendship (if you can call it that) between a boy and a monstrous tree.

I deeply enjoyed this book. At first, I didn’t think it would affect me at all, but as the end started getting near I found myself with teary eyes. I am quite affected by this story!

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Lilah Pace – Asking for It (Asking for It, #1) | Review

23398817Asking for It is the first book in Lilah Pace’s book series of the same name. It is a deeply disturbing erotica novel that brings us into the life of Vivienne Charles. Vivienne has a very specific sexual fantasy which stops her from having a healthy romantic relationship. She believes her twisted fantasy can never be brought to life until she finds Jonah Marks, a man as twisted as her.

Reader Advisory: Asking for It deals explicitly with fantasies of non-consensual sex. Readers sensitive to portrayals of non-consensual sex should be advised.

While reading this book I was on edge almost all the time. The way everything was portrayed was disturbing. I am not saying the book is badly written, just that sometimes I simply had to put it down to distance myself from it.

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