Vidhi Mohan – Chasing Love | Review

53330751._sy475_Chasing Love by Vidhi Mohan is a story of empowerment and love. The main character Rebel is a woman is a streak of bad relationships. As much as she talks about bad luck in love, the truth is she simply doesn’t value herself. We follow her story as she jumps once again into an unhealthy relationship. The value of this story, in my opinion, lies in the fact that Rebel manages to break her pattern and improves herself.

Well, this all sounds fun and dandy, but let me assure you, my critical mind won’t let you down. I have four, let me repeat, four pages of notes on this novel. Some are good, some bad…

Firstly, I like to point out some things that aren’t necessarily the author’s fault but the editors and the publishers. This novel is very raw, it looks almost like a second draft. There are numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes. I’m not a stranger to reading unedited books, however, it wasn’t disclosed I was about to read one now. But, let’s move on.

The writing itself was okay, not groundbreaking nor bad. There is a lot of space for improvement! The first thing that caught my eye and kept annoying me till the end of the book is the lack of contractions. For example, why use cannot when you can use can’t? Since this is written from the first-person point of view and has that stream of consciousness feel, it feels very unnatural. In reality no one speaks without shortening words even a little bit, especially when using past tenses.

Let’s talk about the characters. Rebel is our protagonist. My first impression of her was that she is incredibly prejudiced, judgmental, and insecure. I hoped Rebel would come aware of that and try to work out these issues by the end of the novel. That wasn’t the case. She remained all those. The thing that changed is that she only became a bit more confident.
I really don’t like how Rebel was written. She is not only annoying and insufferable but also, I found that she seemed very dumb. Here I’m not talking about her interactions with one of the love interests! Rebel is unaware of a lot of things happening around her and rarely makes clever decisions.
The male protagonists/love interests are simply plain and flat. They are stereotypes of a good and a bad guy. There is no chemistry between neither of them and the protagonist.
There is a similar issue with Rebel’s friends. They don’t seem like they have lives of their own. Their sole purpose is to be a supporting character in Rebel’s life.

This could be improved by improving the dialogue. The dialogue is tense, unnatural. It reads like an interaction between robots. There a lot of work to be done here.

The plot of the novel was good. The story is enjoyable. I liked the pacing and the plot twists were okay (sometimes a bit sudden, but okay).

In my opinion, the main issue with this novel is the fact that it wasn’t edited (at all or edited enough). All the inconsistencies in the plot, the stiffness of the dialogue are due to that.

I’ve left my favourite thing for the end… the red coat motif. I hope you catch it when you read the novel. The significance of this motif is huge and I loved it. I am just sorry Rebel didn’t get her happy ending with the red coat…

I think Vidhi Mohan has enormous potential! She is so very young, there is a lot of time for her to learn and improve her writing.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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