Brief thoughts on Galatea by Madeline Miller

Galatea by Madeline Miller is an incredible short story. It is a retelling of a Greek myth. At first I was confused by how Miller could possibly tell this story in only 20 pages. The fact that the story is so short actually made it so much more powerful than it would’ve been as a lengthy novel.

“That’s the stone,” I said, “like I told you. It can’t get warm without sun. Haven’t you ever touched a statue?”


We get a snippet of Galatea’s life. There is very little dialogue and everything revolves around her psyche. I enjoyed reading about her memories of her daughter very much!

I find the best thing about this novel is the portrayal of Galatea’s husband. The fact that Miller made me despise the man in less than three pages proves my point. I was invested in the story faster than I could blink.

And… the ending… Oh. My. God. That is one of the best endings I’ve read in the last year.

I recommend this short story to everyone who enjoys Greek mythology, but especially those who liked Miller’s other work.



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