Sally Thorne – The Hating Game | Review

25883848._sy475_The Hating Game is a romance novel written by Sally Thorne. The story follows two work colleagues, Lucy and Joshua, who hate each other. Since the day they have started working in the same office they spend every day arguing and playing „hate games“ such as the Staring Game or the How You Doing game. The story is told exclusively from Lucy’s point of view so we are unable to know how Josh feels about her. We watch as their relationship develops from rivalry to romance. And it is beautiful.

“Joshua is glaring at me with angry eyebrows. I use my brainwaves to transmit an insult to him, which he receives and pulls himself up straight.”

This book is incredibly hyped on every social media. So, it is needless to say that I have been hearing about it for quite some time. I was hesitant to pick it up since it seems to be so well loved and I was scared I would dislike it. But, today, as I drank coffee in the morning, I started reading The Hating Game. And I was instantly pulled into it. It is beautifully written! I immediately fell in love with the main characters. Both of them had flaws that made them believable yet they remained lovable. Their banter was very funny and entertaining.

“What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy.”

“Strangling you. Bare hands.” I can barely get the words out. I’m huskier than a phone-sex operator after a double shift.

“So that’s your kink.” His eyes are going dark.

“Only where you’re concerned.”

I rarely find the dialogue in romance novels enjoyable so this book was refreshing because of that, among all the other things I mentioned.

I can now say that I’ve read The Hating Game and that I have like it. I will be looking into Sally Thorne’s other work.


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