Kendall Ryan – Baby Daddy | Review

36405570._sy475_Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan is a romance novel. The title is quite self-explanatory. The story follows Jenna how above all wishes to become a mother. Since she doesn’t have a partner not wishes to have one, she resorts to using a sperm bank. On her way to the doctor, Jenna gets stuck in an elevator. But she isn’t alone. With her in the elevator is the most beautiful man she has ever seen – Emmett. The attraction is mutual, but since Jenna and Emmett are both emotionally unavailable the hide it at first. But, soon an agreement is struck. Emmett offers to get her pregnant and then leave her alone to raise her child alone.

“She gets a baby, we both get laid, everybody wins.”

Well, we can all guess that Emmett and Jenna do not actually part ways after she get pregnant. Even though I haven’t read this trope before I found this book painfully average. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it wasn’t so bad I decided to dnf it. However, I can also feel myself forgetting what happened in it.

I found the characters quite flat. They both have just one or two personality traits. Jenna wanted a baby and to keep the book store. Emmett was afraid of commitment because he feared he would be a good husband and father. We didn’t get to find more about their emotions. We didn’t witness the intrinsic turmoil they must have endured when they started to have unwanted feelings for one another. I can’t say I was let down by the lack of it since I think it would simply be over-dramatized.
The dialogue and the inner monologue were a bit cringy and sometimes uncomfortable to read.

“I love my dick. That’s a fact. And I’m not afraid to admit he’s both my best friend and my most trusted advisor. Sure, he’s gotten me into some tight spots over the years—pun very much intended—but that’s what makes life fun, right? I wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world. He stands tall and proud . . . and when he spots something he likes? He bobs with pleasure, begging to get closer.”

I think that the whole job rivalry subplotline was completely unnecessary. It was only there to add more conflict to the story, but I don’t think it succeeded in that. Also, in my opinion, the only difference that plotline made was making this book a romance novel and not an erotica since we didn’t have only sex scenes and romance themes in it.

All in all, this wasn’t an unpleasant read. It was nothing new for me so I found it quite average. This, however, is simply my opinion.


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