S. M. Shade & C. M. Owens – Worth It | Review

WorthItWorth It by S. M. Shade & C. M. Owens is a true romantic comedy. We follow three best friends who are going to a week long wedding. Kasha is the groom’s half-sister, Lydia is his ex-girlfriend and Henley is their friend. Everyone thought they wouldn’t come to the wedding, but Lydia literally dragged them saying she had to go to get some kind of closure since Anderson, the groom cheated on her with his current fiancee. What was planned to be a clean, boring and a posh wedding quickly after they get there turn a harsh turn and becomes a tale of ages.

 “His lips are laced with pheromones that make me stupid or something.”


The girls – Kasha, Henley and Lydia were very lovable. I really like each of their stories! However, I missed Lydia’s story. I know we didn’t get to read from her point of view since we had to have a certain plot twist, however I would have liked to read about her after it was revealed. I just don’t think we had time and space to properly start caring for her. And that is a pity.
We however did get a very detailed description of Kasha’s and Henley’s week. It is hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to it would be Henley and her love interest Davis.
With these two girls we got two different, but equally emotional love stories. I wouldn’t say anything was too rushed, but things did develop pretty quickly.

“With his inky black hair, his cool blue eyes, and that devilish little smirk, he looks like gift-wrapped sin.”

The first thing I noticed about this book and it’s writer is the sincere and unforced humour. I really enjoyed how funny this book was. I mean, sure, the protagonists had an unbelievable streak of unfortunate events, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment. I did however wish the male protagonist had an accident or two more.
One thing I certainly mustn’t forget is the whole Jill plot-line. What the fuck was that? I loved it. In a way that showed perfectly how much fun these two authors had writing this novel!


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