Carian Cole – Torn (All Torn Up, #1) | Review

Author’s Note: ** Please note: there is NO underage sex in this book. There is NO incest or blood relation in this book. This is NOT an MC Club story. This is NOT erotica. This is a slow burn romance. This book is intended for readers 18 years and older **


Torn by Carian Cole is a quite interesting romance novel. Some would say it is taboo and I wouldn’t disagree. The story follows a seventeen-year-old Kenzi and her much older „uncle“ Toren/Tor. Tor is her parents’ best friend and has spent almost every second with Kenzi since the moment she was born. They’ve always had a special bond which grew from a family-like relationship to friendship. However, a few months before her eighteenth birthday she looks and him one day and realizes there is an another emotion within her she’d never felt for him or anyone else before.

This book gave me a specific feeling about it which I couldn’t pinpoint for some time. But, now I can verbalize it. I feel like the book was to long. It felt like I was watching an extended version of an already long movie.

Don’t get me wrong… The book was entertaining and I was enjoying the taboo side of the story since it allowed me to really think and rethink my emotions about it. I am still not certain how I feel about it. In a way I feel a lot of tenderness for the concept and I must admit I find the whole concept of their fated love enchanting. However, there are moments when I realize the reality of it and try to put myself in Kenzi’s shoes – then it makes me uncomfortable.

That being said, let’s put it away and say more about the characters themselves. Kenzi wasn’t a totally unenjoyable female protagonist and that is quite refreshing. She was a bit I’m-not-like-other-girls type, but it wasn’t exaggerated, so it didn’t bother me so much.
Tor. I liked him. He is a very attractive biker with a lot of ink. Loves animals. Plays the guitar. Songwriter. Maybe a bit to perfect?

There is one person who piqued my interest. Tyler Grace. Tor’s brother. I’d like to know more about him. And just moments ago I found out that he is the male protagonist of the sequel. So, be ready for my review of his book.

There were some humorous moments within this book (some planed and some not).

„My brother Ty is a legit psychopath.“

 „I kissed her like a fucking deranged animal…“

„He’s a goddamn lunatic, Syd. His cheese has completely slid of his sandwich.“

What else is there to say? Well, I could say so much more, I guess. All in all, I’d say I enjoyed this book. One thing I didn’t like was that is was slow-burn which I don’t prefer. But that is simply my personal preference.


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