Two ideas… maybe both uninteresting.

So… if you follow me on Goodreads (which I recommend for many ambiguous reasons) maybe you have noticed that I have been reading lots and lots of romance novels in the past year. As well as having an ongoing interest in reading only that genre, I wanted to explore the world of romance novels. I didn’t realize before just how many subgenres romance had.
Now I have read a lot and experienced many subgenres (not all of them, obviously). I can say now that I have a little knowledge of the genre. I intend to continue reading romance this year since I’ve found real enjoyment in it.

You must be asking yourself why I’m writing this post since it obviously is not a review. Well… I was thinking of maybe organizing a reading marathon. Would some or any of you be interested in reading a steamy romance novel with me?

Also, one other, I’d say much more serious idea/plan… I am thinking of writing a “longer” essay-like critique of the romance genre. In it, I would explore the history of romance novels and talk about some of the main subgenres. I would cover the tropes inside romance novels, their positives, and negatives.

My question is: Would you be interested in reading something like that? Or do you find the idea tiresome?
Leave me comments or contact me privately regarding both ideas.
Have a nice day!


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