Trista Mateer – Aphrodite Made Me Do It | Review

43819413Aphrodite Made Me Do It is a masterpiece poetry collection written by Trista Mateer. It deals with abuse, rape, the value of a woman and many other topics that are currently in the spotlight.

To sing of love

is almost always

to sing of war.

I believe these are all things that ought to be talked about and I especially appreciate the manner in which Trista Mateer talks about them. I love that she didn’t go the political route! She presented all these issues and worries in a way that didn’t present political arguments, but what it did show was a wound on her soul. And then it revealed a wound on my own soul. I felt deeply for what she wrote.

It was my blood that made the roses red.

Did they tell you that?

My pain shaped the whole world.

k (2)I find this poetry collection unique! The way the author intertwined her own voice with the voice od Aphrodite is amazing. What is more amazing is the fact that it seemed so natural, so meant to be.

This is the poem that hit me the hardest because I believe sometimes people forget:

People expect all stories of abuse
to be loud and angry
but they’re not.

Sometimes they’re quiet and cruel
and swept under the rug.

The wounds presented on these pages are open and raw. The words are impactful and strong. And they hit me right in the face! This may de facto be a new addition to my favorite modern poetry collections.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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