Sophia Karlson – The Paris Apartment (Love Nests, #1) | Review

41841636._sy475_Sophia Karlson’s The Paris Apartment is a love story about two people who unexpectedly reconnected in an, as the title suggests, apartment in Paris. Mila Johnson is an art student who has come to Paris to visit all the meaningful museums. But most of all to have some fun as her best friend Stacy suggested (better word for this would be ordered). She comes to Paris a few days before her friend and stays alone in a beautiful apartment. The apartment belonged to Stacy’s brother James, but he was supposed to be out of town. James, however, returns unexpectedly and having forgotten that Mila was visiting finds her asleep in his bed. In the next few days they find themselves doing things they have never done before. Both are confused by what is happening, but more so scared.

This novel was an unusually entertaining read. I must admit, I approached it suspecting it would be bad and unrealistic since it is an erotica novel. I stand corrected. It, of course, had some quite bad word choices and at moments I could not stop laughing at some parts of the dialogue (for those who read or will read it, keep an eye out for the “Hello Kitty” moment). However, that didn’t ruin my reading experience.

I find the “secret”, or not so secret life of James Sinclair incredibly interesting. The whole Club Prive thing is so fascinating. I would love to read more about it, from a gossip perspective.

Furthermore, this, of course, wasn’t the best novel I’ve read, but it might be one of the best in the erotica genre. If the summary appeals to you, I would certainly recommend reading it!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


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