Rebecca James – Beautiful Malice | Review

7979738Beautiful Malice is a young adult thriller written by Rebecca James. It revolves around the protagonist, a seventeen-year-old Katherine Patterson who is running away from her past. She moves to another city and changes her name, just to live her most painful memory behind. And then, a new person enters her universe – a beautiful, smart and outgoing Alice.

I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read, the plot was developing quickly and there wasn’t a moment I felt bored or uninterested. However, I cannot say that this book changed my life or that I will recommend it to all my friends. It simply wasn’t that good. The plot twists were well done yet I felt little as I read them. I enjoyed almost all of the characters and I disliked Alice with a passion from the moment she was introduced. The characters weren’t immensely complex, but they were multidimensional and most of them had depth. Furthermore, I found the insta-love and insta-friendship unconvincing, but somehow it didn’t bother me very much.

In conclusion, I liked this book! I would recommend it if you read primarily young adult and are trying to get into thrillers. However, if you’ve read more renowned or perhaps adult thrillers, this one would be far to unconvincing.


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