Hannah Mary Rothschild – The Improbability of Love | Review

large_improbability_of_loveThe Improbability of Love is an amazing mix of fiction, art, history, the life of a person intertwined in all of those with a splash of intrigue added to it. The author Hannah Mary Rothschild does an amazing job with this novel, particularly with characters. The characters are “real”, they have stories which shaped them to be who they are, their motives for their actions are logical and you cannot help yourself but feel for them.

The writing itself wasn’t amazing, the dialogue was a bit unrealistic and the author used a bit too many adjectives to describe minuscule things. However, this did not endanger my reading experience at all. I simply noticed it.

This novel follows the life of a woman who is lost, she is unmotivated and struggles to find meaning and value in life. We join her in her journey as she stumbles upon a mysterious painting. This painting proves to be far more interesting than we are first lead to believe.

One thing I found incredibly special within this book are the chapters written from the point of view of the painting. I enjoyed reading about the “life” of the painting, also about its feelings about people and the world.

As an art history student, this book really tickled my fancy. I loved reading about the “industry of art” that is present today and about ways of attribution of paintings.

In conclusion, I very much enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to everyone interested in art, mystery, adventure, and history!


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