Gareth Hinds – The Iliad | Review

40910448This is a retelling of The Iliad in form of a graphic novel. The author Gareth Hinds brings us once again to one of the most famous battles of all time. There is no need for me to summarise this graphic novel since the story is so well-known and well-loved.

I immensely enjoyed the maps and the charts. They were very helpful in bringing the story closer to me. Also, the chart with all the characters at the beginning was incredible, it made it easy to visualize everything. I love how it was similar to a list of characters in a play!

The art was quite lovely. I really enjoyed it, above all else because it was so different from the other graphic novels I’ve read in the past. My only complaint is that it appeared a bit grainy, but that must have been a problem with my e-arc.

However, all those things could not cloud the fact that I simply did not enjoy this graphic novel. I am actually a big fan of the Iliad and Achilles is one of my favorite characters in Greek mythology, but I simply couldn’t get into this novel.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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