Étienne Davodeau – The Cross-Eyed Mutt | Review

51u7futkehl-_sx365_bo1204203200_The Cross-Eyed Mutt is a graphic novel created by Étienne Davodeau. The name The Cross-Eyed Mutt is the name of a painting around which this graphic novel revolves around. The main character Fabian works at the Louvre as a guard and when his simple-minded in-laws find that out they show him the previously mentioned painting in hopes he will tell them it deserves to be hanged in the Louvre. We then follow Fabians gripping adventures as he tries to get the silly painting hanged in the Louvre.

I find this graphic novel quite charming. It was not revolutionary or like-nothing-you-have-ever-seen-before, but I think the story as well as the characters was very easy-going and quite relaxing to delve into. I rather enjoyed reading this graphic novel!
My favorite character was none other than the lovely Mr. André Balouchi. I could really connect with his simple love of art. Also, I loved how full of interesting information he was. The plot twist including him made him even more interesting, but I will leave that for you to discover for yourself.

The illustrations are rather average, with the exception of the illustrations of the artwork in the Louvre which is in my opinion very cute and lovely.


I received this graphic novel in exchange for a review.

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