Albert Camus – The Stranger | Review

thestrangerThe Stranger is a novel by Albert Camus. It presents an interesting character named Meursault. When we first meet him, his mother has just passed away and he must travel to attend the funeral. We can immediately see he is quite strange. He does not seem one bit shaken by his mother’s death. He is very indifferent and that becomes more and more pronounced throughout the novel.

The novel is divided into two sections. In the first half, we get a glimpse into his dull life, where he is free to do as he pleases which is most of the time nothing because he cares about nothing. We are introduced to Marie, his lover/fiance, his neighbors Salamano and Raymond, and also some people he comes across who will change the course of his life.
The second half revolves around his imprisonment and there is almost no dialogue since it is all about his thoughts on life and its meaning.


I liked The Stranger, it was enjoyable, but I cannot say I adored it. I did not really connect to the characters and the main character annoyed me sometimes.
In conclusion, this novel is a short and interesting read. I would most definitely recommend it!


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