Jennifer A. McGowan – With Paper for Feet | Review

cover104804-mediumWith Paper for Feet is a poetry collection by Jennifer A. McGowan. It consists of 5 sections that separate poems with motifs connected to folklore, mythology, religion, Shakespeare, and history. As the author, Jennifer A. McGowan says herself, through these poems she tried to give voices to silent and unheard characters, which are mainly women.

As this poetry collection has not gotten any buzz around it at all yet, I am kind of opening the doors for it now.
One this I must say about With Paper for Feet is that is was unique. I loved the author’s voice and I could actually feel what was presented in some poems.

There was one poem that truly spoke to me – Pharaoh’s Concubine.

This poem was so filled with emotion and while it was so moving it was also very witty and I would even dare to say funny. I read it three times before moving to the next poem because I liked it so much.

Before moving to other poems that I feel are important enough to be mentioned specifically, I would like to write a quote from the poem Tempus Fugue which had really stood out to me:

“It’s never wise to make love to a god.
I say love, as if
they understand the concept,
or anything except want and how to take.”

The poem The Talking Skull is, in my opinion, a short story or a legend in verse, it is so filled with movement and it does much more than just present the motifs with an abundance of adjectives. I liked it very much.

One other poem that I really took a liking to is Mortifications of the Flesh. This poem was a punch, it was not soft or gentle. It delivered the truth. It said what no one else wanted to say. It was moving, sad and all at the same time loving and full of devotion. This poem I also read more than once.

It cannot all praise, so I must mention one poem I really disliked – Lot’s Wife Considers Reincarnation. I feel like this poem was a bit forced. I did not find it interesting or the humor of it entertaining. It read like a child’s poem. This is just my opinion, but I strongly dislike it.

In conclusion, this poetry collection is one of the best I have read. It was interesting. It kept my attention the whole time and now that I have finished it I actually feel like I want to write some of the lines down into my little book of favorite quotes. I highly recommend this one!


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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