Julian Fellowes – Snobs | Review

Snobs by Julian Fellowes is a magnificent, insightful recap of the British aristocracy of the 21st century.


The main character is an unnamed man who tells us the story of his friend Edith. She is a gold- or perhaps better said a title-digger. Raised as an only child of fairly wealthy high-middle class parents, she always aimed higher. The fact that her mother was infatuated with aristocracy did not help her chose a different path of life.
When she meets Charles, the Earl Broughton through her friend the Narrator it becomes quite apparent what will follow. The Earls mother, Lady Uckfield is everything but pleased with his son marrying one of the outsiders, but that does not stop Charles from marrying Edith. 92230
Afterward, we follow their married life, full of scandal and sometimes completely lacking it which unfortunately leads to something quite unwanted in the high society.

I really enjoyed this book. It was quite easy to read and the plot was very undisturbed and flowed nicely. The way the book was written was a bit unexpected, but not in any way unpleasant. I actually found it refreshing to read about the main character from the view of her biased friend, the Narrator.
I would surely recommend this book to anyone searching for intrigue and a satirical look at the Aristocracy, which despite the irony truly charms you.


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