Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master and Margarita | Review


The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is a book I will most definitely remember. But I will not remember it for its influence over me or how good it was. It was simply bizarre, and I believe that is the reason it is so well-known and perhaps even why it is often listed as a must-read book.

The Master and Margarita follows a complex story surrounding many characters who end up connected in the most unexpected ways. It is not always believable and it mostly felt quite pushed and unnatural.
I felt many scenes were very fast paced and therefore unfinished. I truly wanted to know more about the characters, but they just were not introduced. We got to know just some of the most basic or even trivial facts about the main characters and nothing else. Also, I found the book quite repetitive. It was quite rushed, and I almost felt as if the epilogue was unnecessary.

Concerning the characters, I did not feel strongly about any of them. I was most impressed by the cat Behemoth and the Devil – Woland. They were intimidating, interesting and mysterious. And still, we know nothing of them. Why is the devil called Woland? Can Behemoth take other forms as it was implied? What other forms?
Am I missing something?



Also, I really did not like the chapters about Pontius Pilate. Those chapters seemed as the they were put to fill the space, and looking back that “space” could have been filled with content about Woland and Behemoth, or actually with any other character.
I did not really understand the excitement concerning the book the Master wrote.
I do not understand in what way it helped the plot or expanded the understanding of any character but the Master.

In conclusion, I do really believe this book can only be loved or have no impact at all. I would have loved if it had impacted me, but disappointingly that did happen.


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