Jacklyn A. Lo – Redemption | Review


Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo is an amazing story of a woman named Ann. Ann at the beginning of her story is a true skeptic about anything and everything spiritual and non-materialistic, but when she starts having nightmares that leave her sleepless she agrees to visit a psychic with her best friend Nina, mainly out of curiosity. After the first visit to the psychic, she remembers one of her past lives. With the help of an AI companion named Rob, she starts to research spiritual topics and God. What she finds out makes her question her current life decisions and in the end through discovering her other past lives causes the end of her Redemption through the series of events, including meeting the man of her life.

I was quite taken by this novel. I must be honest, at first, I didn’t expect much of it, but after as little as a few pages I was hooked! The main character, Ann was quite likable and I could connect with her. It was quite a fast read and I finished the book very quickly.

There are a few things I really did not like about the style of writing – at moments it seemed quite immature as it used very worn-out metaphors and the characters were quite stereotypical, but I soon forgot about those things as the plot was very nicely branched out and formed in an interesting and intense way, which made it fast-paced and completely attention-grabbing.

Considering other characters, I found Ann’s best friend Nina quite unpleasant. She seemed very shallow and unintelligent. I was quite annoyed with her constant suasion to have Ann make finding „the perfect man“ her priority. This made the novel far more believable since not all the characters were perfect and their flaws were very visible.

When Michael, Ann’s love interest, was first introduced to us I thought he was amazing, I really enjoyed reading about him and how he and Ann became closer and closer. Towards the end of the novel, I felt as if his „muchness“ had been taken from him. When he reappeared in the last chapter he did not feel like the same character anymore. He was different and I found myself disliking him.

            All in all, I really enjoyed this novel! It was different from anything else I have read before and it opened my eyes to many new things I haven’t really seen before. I believe this isn’t only a work of fiction but a spiritual guide of a kind. I certainly found myself more centered after reading some of the lines from this amazing book.


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