Jessie Burton – The Miniaturist | Review


The Miniaturist is a compelling story of a young girl named Petronella, or shorter Nella who finds herself married to the richest merchant in a 17th century Amsterdam. We follow her from the moment she comes through the door of her new home as a stranger to the moment when we without realizing find ourselves reading about a girl nothing like the one from the beginning of the book, a strong woman who fought for her wishes and desires.

I really enjoyed this story, I never before had a chance to read of a historical novel set in Amsterdam so I really enjoyed finding out some new information of that time and the way things were.

I think many characters were quite developed, but still not enough for my liking. Some plot twist I really did not expect so I was quite drawn into the story for that.


The only thing that really bugs me about this novel is the fact that I find it unfinished. Sure, the story did find it was to the conclusion, but yet I feel something is missing. Perhaps the story of the Miniaturist which is actually the main character and yet never is there. Perhaps I want to know more about Nella and her future. Perhaps both and more.

I recommend this book, even though there were many things I did not completely enjoy I find the book quite entertaining.


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