Damian Maher – This One Thing | Review


To start I would love to introduce you to the amazing reading experience I just had. When I started receiving books for review I always thought it would be just that, reading and writing a review. But with this book, I experienced so much, so much more.

When I received this book in the mail I didn’t even take the time to look at it since I have so many other books that waited for a review and many books I needed to read for school. But then, one evening I was feeling especially down, and in search of something to cheer me up I felt the pull towards the title “This One Thing” on my shelf. I picked it up and was amazed by the beautiful cover. When I opened the book a piece of paper fell out. I was confused, but simply thought the author was just one of those vain writers that wanted everyone to have their autographs, but as I picked up the piece of paper I realized it was a letter. I found out that the author lived near my home and through that short, but meaningful letter I learned a lot.

This One Thing is a semi-autobiographic story of a child whose parent get a divorce and it follows his struggles with an unloving family. But more importantly, we learn how he managed to accept his sexual orientation in his difficult situation and how he grew as a person.

I myself loved the novel. It was very insightful and very mature. It showed the world and the things in it as they are, not as they would perhaps in an alternate and better universe be. I enjoyed learning about the main character Daniel and I was very eager to turn the page and learn more about his life.

But, the one thing I must point out is the fact that I really did not enjoy the sex scenes. I understand why the author, Damian Maher chose to put them in, but still most of the time I felt as if they were forced on the plot and simply weren’t necessary.

One thing is quite clear, Damian Maher really is a “maher”(a Croatian word for an expert in some skill) in his writing.


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