Michelle Murray – The Dream Walker | Review

The Dream Walker is a tale of a magical world called Mystica and many adventures happening to its residents.
We follow the character of Miranda, who is a Dream Walker. She is destined to save the world of Mystica when danger comes. She travels trough the Plains of Mystica, The Forest of the Lost and Ice Caves.


I am not amazed by this book. I felt as if it was quite childish and predictable, simply too childish for a young adult book. It is as if the tales of Middle Earth and Westeros were combined with childish and poor writing.
The characters I found were not developed at and, and through dialogue you could easily see they all had a same voice.
If this was a children’s or a middle grade novel I could get past all these faults, but since this is a self-called young adult book it bothers me very much.
There is one more thing I didn’t like – the characters that were described as powerful and wise, the white wizard Lightning and the Goddess of the Sun for example, ended up being quite unintelligent and incompetent. I rather disliked them.

I was sent this book by the writer, Michelle Murray herself for an honest review.

What I must add is that I really hate the cover of this book! As much as we all deny it, we all judge the books by their covers.


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