Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus | Review


The Night Circus is a compelling story of a mysterious circus, filled with magic and intrigue. The plot follows two main characters Celia Bowen and her rival Marco Alistair. Through their rivalry the Circus had been created.

I loved the story. It fulfilled my expectation quite well and even went above them. The Circus itself was the one circus I dreamed of visiting as a young child.
I enjoyed every page of the book – it filled me with a strange feeling of warmth and I wanted to know more, more, and more.

Speaking of magic in this book – it really wasn’t explained (quite well). But, I really liked that. I think that if the author, Erin Morgenstern, spent more time explaining magic, that would have taken some of the magic of the magic away. I don’t want to know how the magic worked, I want to believe anything was possible in the book.
Just like even though I wanted to explore the whole circus, I still wanted to keep some of it unexplained for the next time I come back.

The characters of Celia and Marco I adored! I think they were very convincingly created and very complex. Their childhood and the effect it had on them as adults was very well written.


As you can see, I adore this book. I wish reveurs existed – I would surely become one and proudly wear a red scarf.


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