Ruta Sepetys – Between Shades of Gray | Review

Between Shades of Gray is an inspiring story of a young Lithuanian girl by the name Lina Vilkas. It follows her journey since being taken by the NKVD forces in her home in Lithuania throughout Russia and her final destination in Trofimovsk near the North pole.


I am not quite sure of what to make of this book. Even though I loved how true and realistic it felt I did not have any emotional connection with the characters. As the characters died I expected I would be sad and perhaps even cry, but none of that happened. As a matter of fact, I was even annoyed with many characters as they got sick or died.



I found the main character, Lina, very unintelligent. I was so frustrated with the amount of trouble she got and could have gotten herself and her family into with her stupidity and stubbornness.
The book in its eternity I very much enjoyed and I don’t regret picking it up!


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