G.S. Scott – Sorrow’s Heart | Review

indie2bauthor2bnews2b-2bg2bs2bscott2b-2bsorrow2527s2bheart2b-2bnrSorrow’s Heart tells a story of a Girl imprisoned by a priest of the god of Chaos. It explains her transformation from a harmless child who hated everything, but her Mother the most, to an almost grown woman who escapes her imprisoners and becomes more powerful.

I was sent this book by the author, G.S. Scott himself, for review – so here it is.

I didn’t quite like the book. Almost nothing was explained and it felt as is it was ripped out of an another story. Some things that were explained were explained quite badly, and mostly did not make sense. I did not connect with the characters at all.

The writing itself was not so bad, it had potential, but I feel as if fantasy is not the right genre for the author. He would have much more space to spread his ideas in a realistic world.
Also, many scenes in the book made me cringe, and I do not cringe easily – the scenes where the Girl was being raped by the priest were quite uncomfortable and I felt as if they were unnecessary. We found out enough about the wickedness of the priest through his other actions and the rape was simply ghastly and unneeded.


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