E. Lockhart – We Were Liars | Review

We Were Liars guides us through the tragedy of Cadence Sinclair Eastman. We are introduced to her life on the island of Beechwood through the summer and her life on the island.


For almost two years I have been bombarded by amazing reviews of this book. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it extremely. So, when I saw it in the bookstore a few days ago I knew I needed to have it and I knew I needed to read it immediately.

At first, I wasn’t quite impressed, it was a regular book with nothing special about it. I was confused about many things, and I guess that was intended, but it annoyed and frustrated me quite a lot.

As the plot progressed and more and more got revealed, I actually grew even more confused. I had some ideas of what actually happened to Cadence, but the story did not actually interest me enough to get fully involved – and that is something I realize now while writing this review.

The book isn’t bad, but I feel the plot twist was not done quite well. Some things remained unclear to me and when I closed the book an unfamiliar feeling of confusion overwhelmed me.


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