Anita Diamant – The Red Tent | Review

The Red Tent is a story that takes a dramatic twist and takes you deep into the biblical story of Jacob’s only daughter Dinah.

I don’t know why, neither I can explain it, but reading this book took so long. First it took long to finally pick it up and then when I started reading it, it was as if I was sucked into the story. I would read and then I would unconsciously just start staring at the pages. I would do it for a few moments, I would literally feel everything that was said and mentioned in the book. Because of that reading this book took much longer than usual.

It felt like the book did not want for me to finish it and put it down. It wanted me to live the story and breathe it. The scariest part was the realization that I wished for the same thing.

A few times I even though of just leaving the book unfinished, don’t get me wrong. I loved it, but somehow I knew something painful was going to happen and tried to run away from it. I was afraid – of the words, of the story, of the impact I had predicted it would leave on me.
And exactly that happened. The last 100 pages I read in tears.

I will not say anything about the book itself, you must dive into it not knowing anything about it. Only then you will feel, love and understand it as I did.
Only then you will carry it with you until your days pass on by.

I have just now learned that there is a TV show adaptation of the book and am very eager to watch it. I just hope it will not disappoint me.


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