Oscar Wilde – The Happy Prince and Other Short Stories | Review


Since Oscar Wilde is my soul mate and I unquestionably adore his work I decided to once again dive into his short stories. I was once more blown away with how much I adored them, so let me share my thoughts with you.



  • The Happy Prince

Such a lovely story. It filled me with a foreign feeling of warmth.
I cried when I read it as a child, and now, once again I got tears in my eyes.

I loved how it was without a real happy ending and at the same time it was the happiest one possible.




  • The Nightingale and the Rose

Lovely! This story was simply lovely. It was so sad reading about the Nightingales sacrifice and ultimately death. It was even worse reading how easily the man let go of the rose and of the woman, but it showed the world as it is.



  • The Selfish Giant9781620875407_p0_v2_s260x420

I must admit I really loved this transformation story, I really loved it until it was revealed the little boy was actually Jesus. That part kinda threw me off. But I still love the story of a Giant and his transformation.




  • The Devoted Friendil_fullxfull-322614900

This story really pissed me off. I just wanted to slap Hans until he realizes how Miller is using him. Miller made me very angry with his actions, but what made me even angrier was the fact that everyone acted as if he was the wisest and worshiped him.

I was very disappointed with how poor Hans died.



  • The Remarkable Rocketoscar20wilde_the20remarkable20rocket

This is the story I liked the least. I didn’t enjoy the character of the rocket and I found it quite annoying, but I guess that was the point!

Characters of the prince and princess were not defined or shown enough for me to have an opinion stronger than liking or disliking.



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